Need to write a maths personal statement? We’ll show you how!

A maths personal statement gives students an opportunity to show their skills, knowledge and explain why they should be chosen for a particular program. Unfortunately, writing a maths personal statement. Especially if you have never done it before or don’t possess analytical and problem-solving skills, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to write a maths degree personal statement.

Below we want to introduce you to a well-structured and detailed maths teacher personal statement. With its help, you can understand how your own maths personal statement should look like. Our example contains all the necessary sections, so even if you are not good at writing a personal statement maths application won’t be a problem.

Use our template to create a winning maths personal statement, and you will surely be noticed.

A personal statement maths example

Below you will find a maths teacher personal statement of an average student who is willing to study this subject at college. After reading this personal statement maths text, our personal statement writing service guarantee that you will have lots of fresh ideas for your own letter.

Let me start my maths personal statement by introducing you to my biggest passion: solving complex and time-consuming problems. Since childhood, I have loved spending hours trying to figure out how something works or how to find a solution to a problem that doesn’t seem to have a way out. With time, this hobby turned into learning maths and taking an additional advanced course. 

I have read all the possible books and tutorials, guidelines, and textbooks on maths and related subjects. One of my favorites is Mathematics: The New Golden Age and especially the part about Mandelbrot Set. I also have a deep passion for Non-Euclidean geometry.

With the help of maths, I managed to develop a rational mind and attention to detail. So when the time has come to decide what I’d like to study further, I have chosen Maths without any hesitations. My parents supported this decision and motivated me to write a maths personal statement and introduce myself to the admission board of one of the best colleges in the world!

Math is not my only hobby. Like most mathematicians, I love music and find that the link between maths and music is really tight. With the help of music, I can become more creative and show personality traits that no one sees. During my free time, I play the guitar and piano and have already recorded five songs for the future album. I also love Sudoku and puzzles and have even participated in an international contest. 

Even though I don’t have many achievements and my maths degree personal statement may seem too plain, I am sure that I can become a part of your community and contribute to it. I will be waiting for your response and hope that my personal statement maths text was interesting to read!