What it takes to write a great chemical engineering personal statement

Chemical engineering is engineering that studies the creation and operation of chemical plants and production. Chemical engineers use knowledge of chemistry, biology, maths, economics, and other sciences to produce, use, ship, and manage the processes of transforming materials into products.

This science is rather complex, but still, many students choose it as a future career. If you need a chemical engineering personal statement, you have come to the right place. We are happy to offer you a personal statement chemical engineering example that follows market trends, clear structure, and renders the personality of the author.

With the help of our chemical engineering personal statement, you’ll surely create a winning document. But you should remember that this chemical engineering UCAS personal statement is only an example and can’t be copied.

A personal statement chemical engineering example

Here is a personal statement chemical engineering example that will help you boost the imagination and create a winning and deep chemical engineering personal statement.

Understanding chemistry is not easy, but it is more than rewarding. For many years, I wanted to become a chemistry engineer because it offers a perfect blend of the two most dynamic and rewarding sciences at the moment. It can help to explore new substances, materials and create something brand new. 

The modern world has lots of hot topics on the agenda: wars, scarce resources, and global warming. They have an impact on our environment and life, and finding the answers is one of my biggest aspirations. That is why I am writing this chemical engineering personal statement and willing to get a corresponding degree. If one day I get an opportunity to contribute, I will become the happiest man alive.

At the moment, I am studying such challenging subjects as Further Maths and Chemistry. When I look back on the knowledge I have gained during A-levels, I understand that I have learned much more than just concepts. For example, I can think outside the box and find solutions to the most complex problems even under tight deadlines. I have also come to an understanding that a single problem can have multiple solutions.

I hope that my chemical engineering personal statement will be taken seriously because I am eternally grateful to these subjects and my dedication to developing lots of crucial skills, such as attention to detail, concentration, research, and much more.

When I am not at school, I help youngsters who have challenges with reading and understanding information. I also do environmental and community volunteering in Miami. On a regular basis, I attend lectures and courses at local colleges and universities which relate to engineering and science. 

One of the reasons I decided to study chemical engineering is that I want to produce products that will significantly improve our daily lives—for example, affordable and effective medicines or equipment.

A few years ago, I’ve read a story of a US soldier who stayed alive after being shot. He was wearing armor created by chemical engineers and had an opportunity to return home to his two little children. When I am thinking about the things I will be able to do for the world as a chemical engineer, I feel inner warmth, and my heart starts beating faster. I already have enough background knowledge and true motivation to change this world for the better.

I hope that you will consider my application, and this chemical engineering personal statement example will show you that I am serious about pursuing a career in the field. I will be waiting impatiently for your reply.

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